OAMC, unlike other brands, has chosen to unveil its Spring/Summer 2024 collection through a lookbook, comprising a selection of 32 carefully curated images, rather than a runway show.

Luke Meier, the company’s founder and creative director, along with his design team, wanted to bring a fresh touch to his work to date and design timeless menswear that stands out for the details that make a difference and elevate the garments even more.

However classic the result may always be, the American and one of those responsible (along with his wife) for turning Jil Sander into one of the most desirable brands during the time he worked on it, always manages to make it modern and avant-garde. Why? Maybe because of the mix of fabrics and silhouettes he makes, or simply because he has a privileged and delicate vision of the fashion industry, and in particular of menswear.

Such reasons, whether or not they are what make Luke’s work always successful, have been more than present in the line, as if you have the opportunity to take a look at it, at first glance you can appreciate the elegance it exudes, as well as serenity, either it be the flowing silhouettes, the colour palette chosen, the way the look is put together or the photographs are shot and edited. But leaving aside the photographs and focusing on the looks, next season, the men imagined by the designer will be wearing functional and contemporary tailoring, parka-style jackets in technical and lightweight fabrics, bombers, knitwear, or more sporty pieces.

The OAMC world is not all about basic clothes in soft or vibrant colours, but there is also a place for prints. These make their appearance in city maps, flowers, or doodles, and are placed on the pieces in a very visible way. On the other hand, there is also a phrase that says “Don’t change horses midstream” which appears twice in the looks. What is the meaning of this phrase? It is not known at the moment.

And what is known, and the industry is aware of it, is that Luke always goes beyond and is a true visionary. Have a look at the OAMC Spring/Summer 2024 collection below and click here in case you want to buy something.