The Nike x Patta Running Team Collection isn’t just about clothes and shoes; it’s a celebration of unity, culture, and achievement. Imagine a group of runners coming together and sharing the joy of running. That’s what the Patta Running Team is all about.

Patta Running Team was born from a desire to connect with like-minded individuals around the world through the universal language of running,” says Patta cofounder Edson Sabajo, who started the team in Amsterdam in 2010. “It’s about discovering new places, forging new connections and embracing freedom. Running transcends borders. Because when you run, your mind and spirit are set free to think and dream.”

This unisex collection combines performance and style. From lenticular leggings to a heavyweight wool and leather varsity jacket, it’s designed for runners who want to express themselves while chasing their personal best. And let’s not forget the updated Air Huarache hybrid sneaker, a perfect blend of classic design and modern comfort.

The crown jewel of the collection is the updated Air Huarache hybrid sneaker, available in three distinct colorways. This sneaker is a harmonious blend of the classic Huarache Plus upper and a Pegasus sole, enhanced with premium leather overlays and a mesh underlay that promises comfort and style. The “Patta Air” graphic on the tongue and the inclusion of a custom Patta towel with each pair underscore the attention to detail and the celebration of the team’s spirit.

The campaign shines a spotlight on Nike runner Sifan Hassan, whose resilience and strength have earned her two gold medals for the Netherlands. She represents the pinnacle of what the Nike x Patta collaboration stands for: the relentless pursuit of excellence, regardless of the challenges faced.

Check it out below:

The Nike x Patta Running Team Collection is set to launch on April 26 at and Patta stores, with the pink colorway being a Patta exclusive. Broader availability follows on May 2 on SNKRS and select Nike partner stores, inviting runners everywhere to be a part of this unique celebration of sport and community.