New editorial styled by OKI-NI featured Tyler (@Premier Models) and Fenn (@Models1). Situated on London’s North Circular, Ace Café has been a mecca for petrolheads since its doors opened in 1938. A place to talk mechanics, listen to rockabilly, and drink a beer, the café has reverberated with the sound of revving engines for over a generation. Today, whether you’re riding a Harley or a scooter, Ace Café is the place to go. It could be your point of origin for a long road trip, or a place to refuel after a long night ride.

Blending in with this iconic setting, their STYLED brings together a mixture of mod and rocker influences, as rugged denim pieces meet more tailored shirting and outerwear. Like some of the patrons of Ace Café today, the looks are more eclectic and less tribal, while still having an element of the rebellious spirit that defined the 50s.