Necessity Sense’s FW19 collection derives from East Asia’s late 80’s to early 90’s indie film era. A contrasting period defined by the city’s economic boom while the underworld rapidly evolves through tight streets of the concrete wilderness. This era influenced an entire generation of creatives and motion picture telling tales of lovers and fighters alike blade running through the city’s hustles. In tribute to this influential time, the persona created for this collection is a character in dilemma with himself, being pressured by society’s conventional norms and not able to express his true inner emotions. Through a conflicted upbringing he joins the mafia, battling his inner self-consciousness. This season, Necessity Sense introduces the ’SENSITIVE GANGSTER’. The collection will be released online and in store on August 23rd.


Design Steve F. Hsieh & Ritz Clyde Chye
Styling Michael F. Hsieh
Visual Director Alien Wang & Hank Wang
Assisting director David Witton Davies
Makeup Song Kuanyu
Hair Eason Chen
Collaboration eyewear MYKITA
Artwork Kour Pour
Special thanks to: Eytys and Article Number