NAMESAKE unveiled its Spring/Summer 2022 collection through a video campaign directed by David Witton-Davies.

2022 marks the 10 years after leaving Tokyo, where our blurry youths were spent acting recklessly to protect our frightened inner souls. With this collection, we want to touch upon the tender sides of a brother and family relationship, where fights and bad communications are inevitable. While living by ourselves in Tokyo as adolescence, we have to learn to live together and to migrate into a new social life. We continuously learn the importance of sympathy and empathy through endless friction. The focus of the collection is a reflection on the process of entering a new unknown place as adolescents. Without knowing the language, and facing fear with anxiety, we find ways to overcome obstacles and paranoia to self prove, to self protect, and to find ways to assimilate into the social circles. After school times were spent tirelessly practicing in the gym and the river stream next to the school. Foolishly, relentlessly, and courageously wasting our time away —— in the end to relentlessly find our own inner utopia in an apocalyptic territory.”

Video Credits
Director – David Witton-Davies
Creative Director – Steve Hsieh
Producer – Red Wang
Director of Photography – David Witton-Davies
Gaffer – Ainwoods
Editor – David Witton-Davies
Colorist – David Witton-Davies
Original Music – Y
Set Design – Eggsy Lu & Weicheng Liao
Styling – Michael Hsieh
Hair – Eason Chen
Hair Assistant – Zan Chen
Makeup – Hungyi Lu
Model – Samuel
N3 TEAM: Ritz Chye, Rick Hsieh, Jodye Chang, Dobby Liao, Alfie Cheng