Yacine Keita and Fabrizio Kindli photographed by Isaac Calpe and styled by Guillem Chanza with pieces from Louis Vuitton, for the “TALES” issue of Fucking Young! magazine.

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Photographer: Isaac Calpe @isaaccalpe
Stylist: Guillem Chanza @guillemchanza
HMU: Giulio Pancera @giuliopanciera
Set Design: Laura O’Rorke & Denise Agency @laura.ororke @deniseagency
Casting Director: Sebastien Hernandez Bertrand @sebastien.hb
Models: @yacinekeita_ at @imgmodels & @fabriziokindli at @mmanagementmodels
Production: Evelyne Bonneau @evybono at @foudre_paris
Photo Assistant: Vincenzo Sassu @vincenzosassu
Styling Assistant: Teresa Casoli @_tmmc
Studio: Oddity @oddityparis
Lab: BIENBIEN @bienbien.xyz