Laskar by Nadja Stäubli

“Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance”. – Carl Sandburg

Never Met You, Laskar’s debut EP, is a violently visceral take on the intricacies of love and relationships. It’s a vivid, personal account of what it means to inhale another human being into your very core, and also what happens when the affect/effect is so deep and fundamental that it practically alters your DNA. It’s timeless soul-music cut from a modern cloth – stuttering cardiac box like caffeinated kicks, bright, screaming synths, thick production and all.

The songs on this EP cover the pivotal stages of a relationship with extreme poetic clarity, from the electric, telepathic, sexually charged beginning (“DNA“) all the way through the various shades of self doubt and suffering post break up (ECHO and Never Met You). The emotions channeled here are savagely raw and piercing, the sound electronic, yet ethereal and the rendition so graphic that you know that you must be dealing with a songwriter-performer who truly owns his craft.

Never Met You is modern, mature pop-music drenched in potent soul. It’s a sade like celebration of the darker spectrum of human emotions, ocean deep. And we’re quite sure that you’ll be hearing more from this mesmeric baritone real soon.

We’ve met him and the protagonist of his ECHO, Shaun Ross, in person and that’s what they told us before to launch the video in exclusive on Fucking Young!.



Laskar by Gia Azevedo

Fucking Young! – How did you guys meet? Cause you know each other for some time, right?

Laskaar – That was quiet special cause I usually don’t approach people on the street but the first time I was in New York more than 10 years ago I saw Shaun at a crossing and he looked so otherworldly and somewhat vulnerable to me that I felt compelled to tell him that he’s beautiful. We didn’t exchange any information at that time and this was before he became a known model.

Shaun Ross – I think I was 16 and years later we reconnected through social media. I really loved his music and thought he had great style so we became friends and this is the reason why I worked today.


Shaun Ross

F.Y! – You’re more than a model, in the last years we’ve seen you a lot off the runway and also in music-videos, what inspired you to do that & what’s your personal criteria?

SR – I am inspired by normal people that I see get through anything hard. It takes a lot to be so strong so in the world we live in, I see so much independence.


F.Y! – Shaun, im curious what you thought when you first heard ECHO?

SR – I loved it super edgy in every possible way. It also reminded me of my relationship troubles as well.


Laskar by Nadja Stäubli

F.Y! – Laskaar, why did you choose to work with Shaun?

L – Besides being absolutely beautiful, Shaun is a pioneer amongst the models that redefined the beauty standards in the industry and our society. That is healing and powerful on so many levels. He’s fearless and proud about who he is and was never afraid to push the conversation about our perception of what masculinity is supposed to be and look like. Besides that he’s an incredible dancer and actor and it just feels like full circle that after so many years I get to collaborate with that person I randomly talked to on the streets of New York that meanwhile became very successful. I guess that’s exactly the potential I perceived when I saw him the first time and that’s why it’s important that we uplift each other, even if it’s a stranger.


Take a look in exclusive at Laskaar’ ECHO video, featuring Shaun Ross below: