Munsoo Kwon presented the Fall/Winter 2013 collection during Seoul Fashion Week. His third collection has been inspired by the theme of Kidult. Kidult, which is a compound word of “kid” and “adult,” explains a phenomenon that adults participating in youth culture and activities traditionally intended for children. These Kidults admire popular culture from the 80’s and 90’s – movies and novels, sports superstars from the times as legend, and collect childhood toys and small figures. Kidult has become a cultural syndrome and a new trend in different aspects of consumer consumption.


In the collection, Munsoo Kwon’s signature tailored looks with a hint of a twist as well as his neutral color palettes are smartly mixed with the vibrant colors and witty details to provoke the childhood nostalgia.


Easy-to-wear-colors such as black, charcoal, dark grey, and navy were used for outerwear, while more vivid colors like red, white, indigo and pale blue were used in other categories of the collection in order to visually reflect the sensibility and reminiscence of kidults. Duffle coats from classic school attire are transformed to asymmetric toggle coats with different colored buttons for a unique touch. Varsity jackets and shirts, cardigans, and sweatshirts with quilted details cross the fine line between modern and classic.


Youthful denim shirts and jeans with polka dot prints bring the best joy out of the collection. Raglan sweater with robot jacquard, cable cardigan with dots, and finally crewneck sweater with cable and gradation effect have brought the entire collection together and made it even more cohesive.