Guerlain and Moynat, the Parisian powerhouses, have come together to craft a trunk exclusively designed to house Guerlain’s Bespoke Fragrance collection.

Artisans with an unyielding eye for detail painstakingly built this trunk, using birch wood and covering it with Moynat’s iconic Canvas 1920, originally created in 1920. The Carbon Bronze M Monogram canvas, adorned with Guerlain’s Bee emblem, sets the tone for this union. Made to accommodate Bespoke fragrances, the trunk opens to reveal its treasure. The palladium clasps, inspired by vintage trunks, continue the tradition of exquisite craftsmanship. The materials used are both durable and easy on the eyes, resulting in a coated canvas trunk, a sleek black leather handle, ornate brass hinges, and a soft Alcantara lining inside. Crafting this exceptional trunk requires 55 hours of meticulous work, pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship.

At the heart of the bespoke trunk lies a one-liter Bee Bottle, housing the precious bespoke elixir. Drawers on each side unfold like small safes, revealing other bottle sizes and accessories. To make this journey truly memorable, a hand-written booklet by a calligrapher tells the unique story of the customer’s experience, including the inspiration behind the fragrance with Thierry Wasser’s insights. This kind of leather craftsmanship represents more than just a fragrance; it’s a way of life, a personalized sensory experience in line with Moynat X Guerlain’s commitment to excellence.


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Each Bespoke fragrance experience offers the option for greater customization, such as adding your initials and colored stripes to the trunk, making it truly one-of-a-kind and a reflection of your personality. Skilled artists from Moynat hand-paint each letter and stripe, using a wide range of vibrant colors.

This is where Maison Moynat’s expertise reaches its peak, creating a complex and unique trunk. If you have a dream beyond the ordinary, a special order is possible, though the price will be tailored to your requests. A Moynat custom-made consultation will bring your imagination to life, allowing you to choose canvases, monograms, personalized designs, leathers, or precious skins, all guided by the skill of Moynat’s trunk-makers.

Special orders are available at all Guerlain boutiques worldwide, so you can experience this extraordinary blend of fashion and fragrance.

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