For her Spring Summer 2013 menswear show, Angela Missoni had Fabbrica del Vapore’s concrete floor decorated with chevrons of colored sand, obviously reminiscent of the brand’s signature zigzag.  The models were sent down the runway wearing wonderful clothes that besides being beautiful were also extremely wearable. As the collection proves, Missoni’s heartfelt luxury is deeply enrooted in a cosmopolitan and cultured way of life, from which arises the subtlety of the many traveling references and the poignancy of the silhouette shown. Nothing was costume-y, or gimmick-y or crass.  Defiant of other houses modus operandi, Angela had the pluck of staging an entire show refusing historical masquerades or other exercises of the sort. Silk shorts, amazing shirts and light knits ranging from burnt sienna to glaucous blue were among Missoni’s refined suggestions for next Summer. Sprezzatura with a compassionate  soul. A new twist. We say Bravo!