This season The White Briefs have collaborated with Fantastic Man magazine, the bi-annual gentleman’s style journal, to create a collection of mesh cotton underwear.

The briefs, vest, and T-shirt are all made from lovely organic cotton.

The airy nature of the fabric makes the T-shirt ideal for warmer months – especially when worn as outerwear. Yet, the inherent lightness of the mesh is not to be underestimated: worn underneath another garment, the T-shirt’s netting remains sturdy, subtly hugging the body and providing significant warmth.

The fly-fronted briefs, patterned on the classic cotton brief, has been modified to create a modern fit that accommodates the dynamic nature of the organic mesh cotton. Structural ribbing has been covered for comfort, and a double layer of mesh in the crotch keeps gents modest.

The vest’s neckline and the curved straps follow the natural lines of the chest, making the garment sufficiently revealing. Like the mesh T-shirt, this vest possesses an elongated cut allowing it to be tucked in.