Madrid is set to host the Mayrit Bienal 2024, a biennial event that has rapidly become a cornerstone of the city’s cultural landscape. Following the resounding success of its previous editions, the Bienal returns with renewed vigor, promising an even more expansive and ambitious program that seeks to position Madrid as a hub of avant-garde design and architecture.

Opening Week: 
Scheduled for May 22-28, 2024, the opening week of Mayrit Bienal is an invitation to experience the forefront of contemporary creativity. The theme for this year, “WET DREAMS,” curated by researcher Marina Otero Verzier, aims to present over 25 disruptive projects from a diverse group of international artists, designers, architects, and collectives.

Institutional Exhibitions: 
The Centro Centro will house the “Wet Dreams” exhibition, which challenges our perception of water beyond a resource, delving into its role in eco-social relationships through decolonial, queer, and hydrofeminist lenses. Meanwhile, the Museum of the Americas will host “Espejito Espejito (Mirror Mirror),” an exhibition that reimagines the mirror’s distorting power to construct dissident fictions that confront the patriarchal-colonial legacy.

Mañano: Envisioning the Future of Relationships
“Mañano – The Future of Relationships” at La Central del Diseño explores the evolving dynamics of human connections in the age of AI and digital companionship. It speculates on the future of love, communication, and coexistence by 2048, offering a thought-provoking glimpse into the potential of multimedia couples and digital twins.

Young Talents and Independent Spaces: Nurturing the Next Generation
The Bienal shines a spotlight on the emerging talents of Spain’s artistic scene, showcasing innovative projects that blend design, art, fashion, and gastronomy. These independent spaces serve as a testament to the Bienal’s commitment to fostering the local cultural ecosystem and supporting the development of future trendsetters.

Innovative Food Design Experience: A Feast for the Senses
The Mayrit Bienal 2024 integrates a food design component that transcends traditional art appreciation. Collaborations with Arche Studio, Fondo Supper Club, and Martin Planchaud will offer immersive culinary experiences that blend design, art, and gastronomy, promising a sensory journey unlike any other.

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