Matthew Han’s graduate collection “Making a Man” proposes a sexual ambiguity born from the separation of masculinity and literal male-ness. It compares the homosocial and heterosocial male cultures of the European Renaissance with the globalized culture of the world today. Twisting contemporary male tropes and their associations with that from history to recognize its frivolity in what has changed and what has remained. Among the subjects, themes of muscularity, virility, fragility, and opulence are explored, blending attributes of the Renaissance wardrobe with contemporary staples. The collection recognizes and questions the unchanging phallocentric mindset of boys and plays with the delicacy of manhood itself through subversive messages, challenging and all together recontextualizing what masculinity is today.

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Collection: Matthew Han |
Styling: Matthew Han |
Photography: Dylan Perlot | @dylanperlot, Rashad Heagle | @eyeoftheheagle
Models: Hector Ducoux | @s3xh3x, Nicho Ferez | @himbohacker, Alex Lavertue | @alexlavertue