Simon Dube and Johannes appear in the latest lookbook of Martin Niklas Wieser.

Martin Niklas Wieser is a creative undertaking, operating in the intermediate range of fashion and art.

The project–based work process builds upon the idea of continuity, rather than on a seasonal, more fashion typical rhythm. This means one project adds and extracts from the other. There is no concrete line drawn between season or trend, but the process is rather understood as a natural rhythm (one outcome follows the other). The aim hereby is to produce a self-contained product and unite high quality tailor worked pieces with a strongly art-related aesthetic.

The single pieces originate from a strongly conceptional groundwork, and simultaneously maintain an autonomous identity as a fully functional product. Fashion is not understood as art and there is no ambition to intellectualize fashion, but the close relation of those two elements is essential. This philosophy is thoroughly echoed in the identity of Martin Niklas Wieser.

Cooperations with labels such as Bernhard Willhelm and Fabrics Interseason have been important aspects in the developing / formation / establishing of Martin Niklas Wieser. Collaborating with various artists on different projects is a universal key element to the work and makes up a vital part of the attempt to capture and incorporate current flows.

The current project is based on the idea of the breakdown of pornographic stereotypes and the demystification of intimate sexual fantasies. The mood and statement is dark and sinister. The clash of “privathood”, social codes and communal adaptation, collides with a strong reduction in material and aesthetic. This clash is also to be found in the structure of the collection itself, every piece has its own character, yet corresponds with the overall idea; it is an accumulation of various elements and pictures.

The clothing is highly elaborate and hand made, and is produced in entirety in Berlin under fair conditions by highly qualified tailors. The hand craft element plays a major role in the realization of the collection. Besides hand–knitted pieces and hand–dyed fabrics, almost every fabric is being processed in different ways.

This clash of ideas and visuals is being compressed to an understated intimate view on contemporary wear.