Eastpak has partnered with MARKET, the cutting-edge streetwear label, to create a new backpack that caters to basketball lovers. The Basketball Backpack is a clever twist on the classic Eastpak Padded Pak’r backpack, featuring a hidden net compartment that can hold a basketball or any other sports gear.

The collaboration is a result of MARKET’s love for basketball and Eastpak’s expertise in fabric and durability. The two brands have combined their strengths to offer a backpack that is both fashionable and functional, with a sleek design and a versatile net bag that can be easily deployed or folded.

Mike Cherman, the founder of MARKET, explains how the collaboration came about: “This collaboration with Eastpak has given us a unique opportunity to reinvent the backpack for the everyday basketball player. Throughout the design process, we took the iconic Pak’r backpack and looked for innovative ways to redefine this iconic piece. Conscious Because of the difficulty of putting a basketball in your backpack after training and seeing that it takes up valuable space, we set out to find a solution. Traditional basketball bags tend to be bulky, but by introducing a revolutionary net bag concept foldable, we created a membrane that deploys seamlessly from the front pocket. With a few simple clicks, the bag transforms into a versatile 2-in-1 concept.”

The Basketball Backpack is a limited edition item that is available from today (February 7) on MarketStudios.com and Eastpak.com.