The main inspiration behind the collection was symbolism of genders, depicting them by means of: square, triangle and circle, which became the straing point. While desiging and then constructing garments, Marcin Podsiadło was trying to kind of deprive the body of its shapes by giving it a new, geometric character so that the garments wouldn’t fit the body lines but rather create their own forms. Actually all of the garments in the collection were created from square, triangle and circle or the variation of these figures.

While researching, Marcin was  also fascinated with the dependace of fugres, and how one can easily be transformed into another by manipulation of theirsides. Natural fibres (like : cotton, wool) mixed with synthetics (like: pvc, neoprene, leatherettes and some see-through fabrics), in black tones are dominating in the collection, and emphasize its form.


hair & make up – aleksandra kudzin
model – michał sadowski (united for models)