“Setting aside conventional codes to reach spontaneity. As he blends
together items from this profoundly personal wardrobe – a collection
of garments assembled and curated over the years -, they all evoke
a moment, a desire, a reference, an impulse.
It’s everything but a total look. A chaotic harmony organically emerges
from this timeless ensemble of extremely diverse items. Preppy, grunge
and tailoring items connect through a common underground irreverence
in playing with volumes and fabric combinations.
The radical layering of organic motifs and saturated colors finds balance
in the comforting embrace of warm knits, textured outerwear with boxy
proportions, a selection of more formal pieces, and a unique sense styling.
His attitude is triumphant.”

MARANT unveiled its Fall/Winter 2024 collection captured by the lens of Amit Israeli. Check it out below: