Mansour Martin, the artistic duo of the Belgian designers Mansour Badjoko and Martin Liesnard, becomes MWORKS: a global brand dedicated to sustainability, fashion and art. Conceived as an “open hub”, the label will welcome artists, garment makers, experts, but also other designers, to think together about a fair and respectful fashion. A new step in the development of their adventure, launched in 2019.

The collection was conceived as a poetic hybrid of their movements and contemporary clothing. The outerwear pieces play on proportions with a hooded poncho split by a zip and a coat with wide sleeves, structured by slits. A ‘midnight blue’ satin workshop suit, tightened at the waist. A whimsical tailoring suit consists of collarless jacket and trousers with a skirt wrapped around it. The volumes of the hooded shirt have been redesigned into an ultra large version, in camel striped poplin. A colour that echoes the vegan leather of the winter shorts with buttoned slits and an overshirt with multiple pockets. The gabardine trousers are modular. The green is punctuated by white and black inserts on uniform clothing. The six-colour logo is hand-painted by artist Aurélien Delahaies, with whom MWORKS has already collaborated, on natural jersey pieces.