Maldito has just released their second collection entitled “Batkoeur, Love in Your Living Room”. Designer Francisco Terra found his safe place in his new home, and shared an open love letter, a metaphor for his new life.

Dear Reader,
Everything starts with an image, the bunny sign on the subway door shakes on the line seven as I quit my neighborhood for good. Farewell Barbès and Hello 93, my new outskirt postal code.
Maldito is a response to my inner questionings not only on the fashion industry but also on the way I want to move on with my gender issues and how they reflect my art. The fashion branch of the project was born in June 2022 in a special capsule collection for Lafayette Anticipations, as a response to the pause I wanted to make with Neith Nyer and how I wanted to express myself through multiple art forms.
It all started with the first album of a series of six illustrated books we will release with Nicolas Courgeon on the adventures of a teenage boy on the Brazilian country side in the end of 90s and his journey through love and sexuality. We wanted to give our main character a broader spectrum, taking him out from the book pages to fashion collections, sculptures, digital drops and a current in development movie.
This second collection is one of Maldito’s spin off, an open letter to calm love and how we found ourselves in a safe place in this new house, that we built with our own hands (and YouTube tutorials). Shapes and materials take direct inspiration from the renovations we have done and the moments we lived here so far, such as a witchy dress made from protective construction rugs or jewelry presenting incrusted objects in resin. And yet, prints taken from the only places we socialized this past year, Leroy Merlin and Batkor, typical French construction markets.
The completed looks though take us through a deeper and sentimental journey on leaving Paris behind, as the RATP bunny look and the Marlboro wall tapestry made in to a dress referring to smugglers on our new neighborhood. Fashion for me is this, storytelling just like our illustrated album. We aim to start developing a surrealist yet romantic brand, shaped to the queer community where we belong, and let Maldito evolve organically in a world devastated by so many social issues.
As I question my identity and my choices, I invite to live this adventure with me, making place to people in the industry that question the system, and fight for representation.
With Love,
Francisco Terra


Creative Direction Francisco Terra
Photography by Leo D’oriano
Beauty Celine Exbrayat
Models Mercredi and Jonatan Myhre
Assistants Georgia McKenna, Timothé Marais
Artists Manon Cabrol, Kim Bradford, Marie-Benoîte Fertin