Maison Kitsuné is pleased to announce the opening of its first two pied-à-terre in Tokyo on February 14th, 2013, benefitting from Valentine’s Day to celebrate its love for Japan.

In line with the Parisian concept, Maison Kitsuné Tokyo consists of two different shops: one featuring the Maison Kitsuné collections, and an other which is a Café Kitsuné, where Kitsuné label records,Kitsuné Tee and Parisien lines will be available.

A unique experience, that aligns design and lifestyle and was imagined by Masaya Kuroki, co-founder of the brand.

For our Maison Kitsuné shops in Tokyo, I kept in mind the architecture of our Paris stores, which carry a strong Haussmann style, to which I added some touches of traditional Japanese materials” says Kuroki.

Inspired by the ambient folklore of traditional houses, some areas of Maison Kitsuné Tokyo are decorated with tailor-made colored tatami, handcrafted by an expert house in the Shinbashi district. Other unique touches throughout the boutique include the monogram on the Japanese cedar parquet floor and the custom sliding doors, made of rice and bamboo, in the true style of “fusuma”.

Another modern twist on a classic tradition: in a tea-centric country, Café Kitsuné will serve Japan’s best coffee, supplied by Japanese baristas who have been trained by Mister Kunitomo Eiichi, the founder of esteemed Omotesando Koffee.



Maison Kitsuné

3-15-13 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo JAPAN

Café Kitsuné

3-17-1 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo JAPAN