Magliano and U-Power have joined forces in a nod to the world of labor. This partnership, unveiled during the Fall/Winter 2023 fashion showcase, celebrates Magliano’s ultimate muse: the worker. It’s a tribute to what Magliano finds chic – hard work and the ‘Travaglio’. But it’s also an invitation to embrace a lighter side.

U-Power, a key player in Europe’s safety clothing scene, is the go-to choice wherever safety on the job is paramount. Their footwear is the footwear of the people, gracing the feet of countless laborers worldwide. The Magliano x U-Power collaboration pays homage to a core element of Magliano’s DNA – venerating work shoes for both their symbolic and practical significance.

Adrian González-Cohen‘s snapshots radiate a sense of ease, echoing U-Power’s mantra, ‘Don’t worry, be happy.’ The forklift, a monolithic icon of U-Power’s habitat – the factory and warehouse – takes on a playful twist, caught between smoke breaks and alluring interludes.

For FW23, Magliano reimagines one of U-Power’s timeless classics, the ‘Scandy’ model. This mary jane, complete with cut-outs and side tears, gets a bold and vibrant makeover. The shoe comes in three distinct color variations: the Rave Megamix, a riot of lilac, silver, and green; the Beige Megamix, a dance of browns with a splash of bright yellow inside; and the Black Megamix version, accentuated by neon green stitching. Crafted in Italy with top-tier materials and maximum durability, they also feature the quintessential safety shoe iron tip.

Check out the campaign images below: