Pier 59, Stage C was wall-to-wall, Tuesday evening. The crowd almost like concertgoers waiting for Luar to start. Created by one half of the late New York cult sensation, Hood by Air founder Raul Lopez, who’s genderless clothes and queer leanings have attracted celebrity fans like Solange and Rihanna, as well as his intended audience, actual queer kids.

“Feminine Deconstruction” was embroidered on the back of a leather sheer tulle covered jacket. A model literally wore a shirt on his head, his dreads poking through the neck hole, a woman wore metallic stilts on the runway, her acrylic nails covered in rhinestones. Fashion not for the faint of heart. Fashion with heart. During the finale walk ongoers, stood, cheered and clapped. Sartorial success if I ever saw it.

Photography by Zane Gan for Fucking Young! Online