Fans of acclaimed French-Italian singer-songwriter ALIX DO should be very happy to have read that headline. And yes, it’s 100% official, the artist’s long-awaited debut single is out and ready for listening and placing it on your playlist.

The well-received song marks the countdown to 100% of the artist’s solo adventure, due for release in March 2024. If by any chance you don’t know much about the avant-pop fusionist, we’ll tell you that ALIX DO originally came up with the project Ali + The Stolen Boy, where diverse musical influences meet to craft a unique blend of avant-pop that can be seen on his upcoming album, which will arrive under the name “This Is Not a Love Story”.

For ALIX DO, “This Is Not A Love Story” is, in his own words, “something of a hallucinatory journey that he wrote and recorded in a very short time while going through a painful and chaotic turning point in his love life; and it’s about an alt-pop exploration of love as a drug, with deep and evocative sounds that navigate between melancholy and dreams.

In our opinion, the best thing to do in the days leading up to Christmas is to listen to the single and keep an eye on him, because he promises to become a big name on the music scene, so do it and let us know what you think!

Photos by Gabriel Francez.