Virgil Abloh presented his Fall/Winter 2019 collection for Louis Vuitton. We first got an idea of the mood when our invite arrived with a single bedazzled silver glove. While Abloh usually focuses on individual pieces and concepts, his reign at Vuitton appears to be more story driven. Following last season’s trip over the rainbow, we are now asked to imagine being in humble Midwestern surroundings and then transformed to the most captivating person in the world for the next fifty years. Perhaps a nod to the King of Pop signals the end of the nineties trend cycle that has easily dominated the past half-decade, opting once again to revisit the 80s. The decade of crack and Cold War.

On what could easily be mistaken for the set of Billy Jean, everyone sat on risers while models walked out in oversized tailored pieces to the original soundtrack “You Know Whats Good” performed live from Blood Orange who is making the fashion circle this week. With live installation from graffiti artists, gone are the faded pastels of summer with a dose of city cement hues and realism taking us into fall.