One of Jonathan Anderson’s strongest skills that he deserves credit for is being a great observer. He observes, then digests, then filters out what he has taken in. While conversations are being had around nature and technology, LOEWE Spring/Summer 2023 explores the real and the digitally produced. Grass growing on the fabric. Birds flying, fish swimming, water dripping, screens convert coats and tops in projection devices saw humans kiss. Set in a white scape, it could be a place where minds expand or where we feel constructed to void, making up a collection that juxtaposes to elicit fresh perspectives.

Building the collection were basic elements: the bomber, the sweatshirt poncho, the polo, the shirt, the sweatpants, the shorts, the jacket waxed, the parka against technological relics: headphones, a flash drive, a phone case accumulated in the leather coat. Chia plants and catnip grow in coats, sweatshirts, sweatpants and sneakers in a perfected process created in collaboration with the designer Paula Ulargui Escalona. Bright accents ran throughout the collection with neutrals making everything green a statement. The message of circularity came full circle.