Jonathan Anderson, the creative director of LOEWE, presented his Fall/Winter 2024 collection for the Spanish luxury house during Paris Fashion Week. The collection was inspired by the collage art of Richard Hawkins, who explores the male body and its representation in various cultural contexts. The collection reflects on how everything is leveled up today: celebrity culture, social media, pop culture, and art history, all forming one single collage.

The collection challenges the notion of a uniform or a signature style, and instead presents a range of characters that embody different expressions of masculinity. The clothes combine classic elements of menswear with more casual and edgy pieces, creating a layered and cohesive look. The pieces are also attached to each other, reflecting the collaged reality we live in.

The collection also features Hawkins’ artworks, which are incorporated into the accessories and garments as prints, jacquards, embroideries, and embellishments. Hawkins collaborated with Loewe to create a series of 12 video collages that were displayed on large screens in the show venue, a white cube that evoked the stained glass windows of Loewe’s 1960s window designs by José Pérez de Rozas. The videos featured Loewe’s brand ambassadors and internet personalities, along with elements from Hawkins’ eclectic sources.

Check out the collection below: