Levi’s Pride 2022 celebrates the queer liberation movement with musical artist LASKAAR who has recently presented his song “Maricón” in which he expresses the struggle of the current queer movement.

During the video, we can see Laskaar and some of his friends, representatives of the LGBTQ + community, who have collaborated to celebrate the diversity and inclusion of the queer community. “Maricón” speaks of protest, acceptance, naturalness and love. It is a call to action for the new generations. Because equality never goes out of style.

Levi’s has collaborated in this video with some garments from its Pride collection. These are genderless and inclusive garments with all sizes (from XXS to XXXL), which makes it a collection open to everyone.

Supporting the cause of the LGBTQ+ movement, Levi’s makes an annual donation of $100,000 USD to the organization OutRight Action International that works for the human rights of LGBTQ+ people around the world.