CHIENS”, Les Bohémiens’ short movie, directed by the young artist couple Bonasia & Narcisi, tells the story of three young people through scenes of their lives that take place in an eighteenth century villa represented as a “locus amoenus”.

The narrated events, that appear to be in the middle between dreamlike and real, highlight the desires and fantasies of the protagonists from which originates the growing emotional tension that creeps among the three and reaches the viewer.

The game of seduction often makes use of subtle strategies and follows the rules of attraction, needed to win. So the domino game become the metaphor through which originates the narrative of the growing emotional conflict among the three in an ascending climax.

However, the one who wants to win at all cost is willing to break every rule, just like to a hunting dog the only thing that counts is its prey.

The syncopated soundtrack (made by the young composer Francesco Neglia – aka Mordecai) along with the fast-paced images will aim to immerse the viewer in a limbo of uncertainty, imagination and tangibility, in order to come to a conclusion that is open to all personal interpretation.