Drawing inspiration from Türkiye’s sporting heritage, Les Benjamins has introduced a fresh collection of tennis attire that pays homage to the country’s rich history. Renowned for its innovative and upscale streetwear, the Istanbul-based brand proudly presents this collection to celebrate the often-overlooked significance of tennis in Turkish culture.

For men, highlights from the collection include the sleek black Jeffrey Tracksuit adorned with the playful ‘Les Benjamins Sports Club’ branding, the striped William Rugby Polo, the tan William Bomber Jacket, and a selection of t-shirts in white, black, and racing green. Consistent with Les Benjamins’ style, these pieces feature graphics inspired by tennis balls and vintage players, amplifying the overall theme of the ‘Les Benjamins Sports Club’.

The inspiration for this collection stems from Türkiye’s longstanding connection with tennis, originating in Istanbul’s Tarabya neighborhood during the 1800s. In this vibrant area, British Levantines, passionate about tennis, united to establish the first-known tournament called the ‘Challenge Cup.’ This refined tennis competition took place in the gardens of the Summer Palace Hotel, boasting two tennis courts. Its influence quickly spread throughout the city and beyond, becoming the Ottoman era’s equivalent of Wimbledon and a highly anticipated event in the sporting calendar.

Check out the collection below: