Leïti Sène, the emerging rap star from Barcelona, unveiled his new 7-track EP 4P00€AL1P$¡ pt.1, published through Dale Play. Showcasing his passion for innovation and collaboration, Leïti joins forces with a host of global producers on the record, an embodiment of Leïti’s vast creative network and her eclectic mix of influences. An artist who has garnered worldwide attention with his heady fusion of rap, trap, pop and hip-hop, performed in Catalan, Spanish and English and inspired by his Senegalese roots, 4P00 € AL1P $ ¡pt. 1 shows a new facet of Leïti by infusing his experimental vision of Afrobeats.


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The EP is a bit of what the title itself says… The Apocalypse. But not referring to the end of the world, if not referring to the moment of revelation, the removal of the veil. I think we are at a point where humanity is approaching very high states of consciousness and is ready to deal with certain information. People are beginning to catch more frequency, more vibration, so they are more capable of understanding what we need as a planet, as a society, as a species, etc. And I think that all this is determined by certain factors that make the world grow together, such as the coronavirus, in the end, it is something that affects everything that is global consciousness and people as a result of that have reacted in different ways: there are people who have returned to the field, there are people who telecommute and I think that all of this will increase and that each person will understand more and more. In short, for me the Apocalypse is not the end of the world as such, but the end of the old world and the arrival of the new.” – said Leïti