Balancing art and technology, Moncler has customised the new Leica XEdition Moncler” while Fabien Baron shot, with Leica cameras, a series of photographs in Greenland that become an exhibition unveiled in London at Sotheby’s on 14th October, during Frieze Art Fair.



Since 1952 the foundation year of Moncler, innovation has been the main asset of the brand. Matching technical excellence with aesthetic research is at the core of Moncler, the Leica & Moncler project is strictly linked to this distinctive feature of the brand. I am so proud of this new collaboration; a 360° project starting from Leica hi-end technology, through to the art photography and the creativity of a visionary artist as Fabien Baron, landing to Greenland to catch the spirit of Moncler, the magnificence of the ice. I thank Fabien for the solemnity of his pictures capturing the world of Moncler” – said Remo Ruffini, Moncler President.




This complex and coherent project reflects the most deep-seated identity of the brand through the high technology used by Leica. The project has been entrusted to the photographic creativity and visionary artistic talent of Fabien Baron, taking in the landscapes of Greenland as it does so. It is a land of water and glaciers that reach down to the sea. It’s a world only barely possible, expressed with the precision of a language which has four different word roots for expressing the concept of snow, and four more for ice.




In the enchanted landscape of Greenland, Fabien Baron crosses the threshold of this land of ice and cold, of night time and silence, when everything is white and the ice slides towards the waves.

Following its debut in London, the exhibition will travel to New York. For those who wish to try their hand at photography, the Leica X “Edition Moncler” model will be on sale from October in all the main Moncler flagship stores, ecommerce at moncler.com and in Leica Stores & Boutique globally.