If you are looking for a candle that is not too big or too small, but just right, you might want to check out LE LABO’s medium concrete candles. These candles are the latest addition to the brand’s collection of concrete candles, which showcase their passion for craftsmanship and quality.

LE LABO’s concrete candles are made with a custom blend of waxes, a high concentration of fragrance oils, and natural fiber wicks. They are hand-poured in the USA, and each candle is unique in its shape and texture. The concrete container is designed to be reused as a planter, a pencil holder, or anything else you can imagine.

The medium concrete candles are currently available in two scents: Santal 26 and Encens 9. Both scents are sophisticated and complex, and they will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Santal 26 is a scent that evokes aristocracy, elegance, and charisma. It combines gentle, smoky, and leathery notes to create a captivating fragrance that will give your space a true personality. Whether you want to impress your guests, set the mood for romance, or simply relax, Santal 26 is the perfect choice. As the brand says, “Come on baby, light my fire.”

Encens 9 is a scent that inspires tranquility, spirituality, and introspection. It is based on frankincense, a resin that was once more valuable than gold and used for sacred rituals. The scent is softened by warm and resinous amber notes, and spiced up by clove, creating a soothing and stimulating fragrance that will offer serenity in your living space and help you reach a calm state for contemplating new beginnings.