Colm Dillane and Kenny Shimm directed this video to showcase the Spring/Summer 2022 collection of KidSuper.

As the world starts opening up it became apparent that this might be the last virtual Paris Fashion show for a long time. I loved the virtual fashion show setting because it was less about budget and more about ideas, feelings and emotions. When it comes to Fashion Week in Paris if you rent a palace of a building, hire the top models and get all the people to come then it is a success, with virtual money did not buy success and it was a perfect place for the underdog to come out on top. From the stop motion fashion show to our short film we were constantly reinventing what people deemed a fashion show… in my mind the possibilities are endless. You can do anything and film it, wear the clothes, and it can fit the criteria of a virtual fashion show. For this concept, I was brainstorming and asking all my friends what is the one thing you one do if you could do anything? Fashion show budgets are pretty high so the limits are somewhat endless. I kept asking different people and getting different and interesting answers. I realized this was the interesting part of the whole concept. Why not ask people what they want to do before they die and go help them do it. We set up a booth in Washington Square Park and started asking away, 300 people later and we were overwhelmed, excited and had a lot to prepare. It was a crazy undertaking but a beautiful one at that, every person we randomly met on the street ended up being incredible in their own right. What a beautiful video and concept. Thank you all and can’t wait for the next idea.