A big revolution is on the move, the cafè-society’s nightly beau vivre gets its digital dimension. For the Champaigne Charlies or party poppers, bona fide city folk, urban dwellers or nightlife operators, what’s about downtown night buzz is on tap. Each single event scheduled around the world’s top spots is App-roachable with the bombastic nexus Keyflow– available for Android and IOS. If you’re after some ‘party rocking’ when the sun gets old, Keyflow App offers the instant access to any A1 club and event worldwide, gives the opportunity to buy admissions and VIP tables, invite your close-knit crew and other exclusive ops as becoming an a-lister and be part of the Guest App to pre-buy tables, receive the membership card and further jaw-dropping options.


The ever-expanding newborn global platform- launched in April with a celebration in Stockholm- has been designed getting down the nitty-gritty of the nightlife biz and developed to deliver a high-performative application that facilitates the event management and clubbing craze. Keyflow effectively handles digital invitations, false check-ins or rejects and The Event Manager interface- perfectly devised for Event Managers and their derring-do – covers many of the nuts and bolts of the business as table selling, admissions, VIP lists and digital VIP Membership Cards, social media sharing and, all you need is the Keyflow App and a fingertip.

The Business App solidly fits in with the night operators and doormen’s tasks and ensures the perfect handling of guest lists and database, table sales, admissions and club membership card.

Keyflow goes all out to be the ideal resource of the hottest international nightlife for fun lovers and an effective tool for the event industry’s movers and shakers. With a deep understanding of both critical and strong features of the event management, what Keyflow’s designers have introduced is more than something able to satiate boulevardiers‘ party longing and cost-cut of planning and managing, they have furthered the creation of a whorty social network where attendees and organizers are on an equal footing, share interests, needs and are mutually benefited. So, put your hippest threads on, log-in Keyflow and let’s get the party started. Click it, Live it!