Presented on fictional characters – enlarged young male personalities – JW Anderson Spring/Summer 2021 collection juxtaposes notions of pragmatism and playfulness within a context of cozy domesticity. Volumes are round and enveloping, or elongated and sleepy, with blown-up details that keep their function in off-kilter scale, and unexpected touches providing jolly, frivolous diversions. Dresses, capes, pillow sweaters, cropped trousers, elongated jumpers, and loafer mules reiterate and recontextualize tropes of the brand’s DNA.

Texture, either real or suggested by way of print on fabric as well as knit, adds another layer to the story: brocade impressions, tapestry motifs, targets, stripes, flowers, Pol Anglada’s blown-up faces. A sentiment of youthful, freewheeling amusement composedly comes to the fore.

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