One word? Fire. Creative director Tatsuro Horikawa presents its new Fall/Winter 2020 collection [DUKKHA;] for Julius.

An ambiguous, reverent, yet so canny element imperative for our daily living, the fire’s ability to destroy as much as cultivate. On this occasion, this collection lights a flame and carries it, too.

While in SS20, spiritual motifs and animism, both rebels against materialism were seen as the core of the collection, this range focuses on human history and memory. In recent times, human cultures have developed dramatically, causing terrible mischiefs. Conflicts, strikes, and danger. The collection reimagines an idyllic nomadic tribe, spinning around such history: A tribal image alluding to an abstract Rome. Old Persian kilns, scorched jacquard stripes, sun-exposed shirts and geometric textures of Asian patterns. The theme of the material gravitates around memories that have been in several places.

The dough wrapped many times, the nomadic and heavy duties. The details and silhouettes conceptually represent a variety of different ethnic groups. The collection, in its entirety, is a harmony and a prayer, carrying a flame that symbolises the world.

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Creative director: Tatsuro Horikawa
Photographer: Katsuhide Morimoto
Stylist: Tsuyoshi Nimura
Hair Stylist: Kenshin Asano
Make up: UDA