Supersonic sound waves, incredible heights, supernatural speed. Life at the edge and between the elements. “My Daddy Was A Military Pilot” isn’t just the title of Julian Zigerli‘s Spring/Summer 2013 collection. It is also the truth.

It is an homage to a shark of the sky, built out of stories, memories and feelings. It is not about the military but the rush associated with being a jet pilot. It is an idea of an incredible power released within you by the thought of flying with supersonic speed. A feeling full of longing, solitude, power and dignity.

Zigerli uses high-grade material, functional design and extraordinary printing, made out of a collaboration with the Berlin artist Fabian Fobbe, to fuel the collection with a heroic character which literally repeals light from it.

A collection for a proud man who stays grounded in the past but still reaches for the stars.


photography: amanda camenisch
@ Independent Men


About Julian Zigerli

Julian Zigerli was born and raised in Switzerland. At the age of 20 Julian left for Germany to study fashion design at the University of Art Berlin (UDK). After graduating in 2010 he returned to his roots in Switzerland and founded his own label: ‘Julian Zigerli’. One of the founding concepts of this label was to focus on constructing garments out of innovative Swiss textiles.

Since his first collection, Julian Zigerli has celebrated great success both nationally and internationally including a nomination for the Swiss Design Prize in 2011 and the winning of the Federal Design Prize Switzerland in 2012. He has presented his collections in London, Paris, Berlin, Seoul, Zürich and Florence.