UK-born Copenhagen-based artist Jon Pilkington collaborated with Wood Wood for the brand’s Pre-Fall 2021 collection. Pilkington’s paintings are decisively colorful, dense, and intricate: layers on layers and shapes on shapes in unfinished rough brushstrokes give the works a nearly illegible perspective. The artist refuses to succumb to clarity, painting for him is a process of distortion and he is – above all – wary of making anything too determinate.

The collection comprises creative play and an intuition-driven expression that is credited but not limited to the youth, utilizing Pilkington’s artistic practices, who’s well-known for adding layers of depth to paintings and ceramics. In this instance, Pilkington’s work has been applied to an all-over printed two-piece set, light lyocell shirt, cotton jerseys, and a reversible bucket hat.

Take a look at the campaign images below: