The latest collection by Lucie and Luke Meier for Jil Sander is inspired by the idea of sound as an invisible matter that surrounds and penetrates us, giving form to our emotions, desires, and needs. The Meiers explore the balance between sensitivity and form, intimacy and presence, image and intention, concentration and humor, through their refined and inventive design. The garments are crafted with attention to both the exterior and the interior, as well as the details that are only meant for the wearer. The Meiers believe that clothing can evoke memories and sensations through smell, touch, and movement, as well as appearance.

The collection showcases the subtlety of couture and the dexterity of craftsmanship that are characteristic of Jil Sander. The pieces are simple in form, but intricate in technique. The Meiers demonstrate their formal yet whimsical construction and technique, creating pieces that are effortless and precious, simple and intricate, inducing a haptic sensation of wearing something special.

Check out the menswear collection below: