Jellyfish Lamp is a lamp born of the sea and every time you turn one on, your room will never be the same. A group of jellyfish invade the room creating a dreamlike and surreal atmosphere, completely changing the perception of time and space. Different intensities and colors of light create a subtle range of colours, so no two lamps are the same. Each lamp is hand crafted from 3-400 meters of ribbon.

This project arose from a particular obsession of its creators, british designer Tristan Cochrane and argentinian art director Paula Benvegnú: the endless marathons of “The Blue Planet”, the famousBBC documentary about life in the oceans brings to view a world unreachable to normal humans. And the jellyfish with its bright colors and slow, elegante movements caught their attention. These lamps can illuminate a corner, a night table, a restaurant or a hotel. whether in groups of fifty or one alone, walking amongst them will leave us with the slightly psychedelic feeling of waking from those dreams you cannot explain.