Stylist JeanPaul Paula photographed by Florian Joahn and styled with pieces from Adidas, Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane, Nike, H&M, Zara and Cottweiler.

Photographer Florian Joahn and I collaborated on this project and started to contemplate about how to picture myself in an honest way. As a stylist I got caught between the things I look at and the way that I look like. In the world of fashion the color of my skin is a problem and stays often unacknowledged. So for this shoot I not only drew inspiration from sportswear but also from the original skinhead movement from the 60’s which started actually with people of color in the suburbs of the UK. Keeping in mind where the skinhead movement went after that I like the political contradiction and don’t see myself attached to either their statements even though I can relate to their darker aesthetics and the sexual connotations in their silhouettes. For me it has to do with differences we have as individuals and the sooner we acknowledge and accept them the sooner we as an industry can move forward.” – said JeanPaul Paula