The young Spanish actor tells us about his experience in successful fiction on Netflix and Amazon and how they have changed his life.

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It doesn’t matter how the years go by, that life gets complicated, or that we become adults, there are things that will always arouse a certain intrigue in us. Ghosts, the occult, and everything related to what we don’t see and what we want to feel is something that always catches our attention. The young actor Javier Morgade, with all his sweetness and charm, has been able to explore the fields of the paranormal thanks to his leading role in successful fiction such as “Alma” or Amazon “Desaparecidos”, one being produced by Netflix and the other by Amazon Studios, where his conflicting characters faced issues involving death and its consequences. They caused serious dilemmas. Now, with an acting background full of strong emotions, Javier will experience a particular moment in his life, beginning a new stage in his career marked by courage and the desire to face new challenges. And that’s because Javier is a man without fear.


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We are in Madrid, during a dark and rainy winter afternoon! What does a moment like this inspire you as an actor who has participated in a horror series?

Well, it reminds me of Asturias, which is where “Alma” was filmed! Melancholy and a lot of green. Nothing terrifying inspires me, I grew up in such an environment. I don’t create stories, so I don’t find anything inspiring.


Do you like horror fiction?

My favorite series as a child was Charmed, does that count as horror?




Well, in Charmed there was a particular savagery close to terror…

Sure, I was little when I saw that show and the demon Balthazor scared me a lot.


What was your favorite Charmed character?

Phoebe thought her powers sucked. Piper was pretty cool too.


Sorry but Prue was the best one.  You didn’t like Buffy, The Vampire Slayer?

I have never seen it although all my mates have told me that it’s an amazing show. My best friend has tried to get me to see it but she hasn’t succeeded.


Would you like to do a series like Charmed?

I’d love to. “Alma” shares with “Charmed” that supernatural side but I would love to be able to do something as exaggerated as the Aaron Spelling series.


How did you get involved in “Alma”?

I did three castings over six months and they took me. I worked hard to get it.


How do you live a casting process?

I always get nervous but lately, I’ve been trying to control that feeling. When I moved to Madrid, my lip trembled every time I auditioned. Now, at least, I am no longer paralyzed.




Why do actors go to a casting always thinking that they are not going to be selected?

You can’t go to a casting thinking that they’re going to catch you because you end up bitter because they always dream of not giving you the part.


Have you been angry about losing a role?

There have been many. One that I lost three months ago comes to mind but I can’t tell you anything about it, they made me sign an agreement. It made me very angry because they congratulated me during my auditions (laughs).


When something like this happens, do you wonder why?

I used to do that but now I try to avoid it. I always do what I can with the information I have since I don’t have access to the complete scripts.


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Do social media influence when hiring an actor?

Unfortunately yes. I am not very active in social media, only sometimes. It is not something that I take into account in my daily life. I don’t get obsessed with social media or with what people post on them, it doesn’t even happen to me with the people I like. I try to keep my shit under control and if something bothers me I prefer to go talk to you instead of using Instagram as a shield. Everyone has to manage their own problems and you have to expect that from others as well. We, actors, are very intense, we talk a lot about feelings, and we are very aware of ourselves.


Let’s go back to the show “Alma”, how was the atmosphere while filming the show?

We were a very intense group of people who were completely sharing the same mood. Surrounding ourselves with a supernatural plot helped a lot.


Do you believe in the paranormal?

Not in the paranormal but in that there is life beyond death.


Have you had any experience connected to the further?

Yes. I once asked someone who is no longer with us for help and got an answer.


That is very dangerous! Haven’t you seen the James Wan movies? You can call but you never know who answers…

I only ask questions, nothing more. That time, the Spotify songs that were playing on the TV suddenly changed. It was during a time when I was alone due to the death of my mother and I needed a sign or something like that. The moment I asked that question, songs that I listened to with my mother began to play.


That’s spooky!

Not! I like these things. I am not saying that this was a paranormal experience but I do want to believe it. Other similar events have happened to me but simpler things like perceiving the smell of the perfume of someone who has passed away. The brain has a particular type of memory that remembers these things.




Did you share many paranormal experiences with your castmates during the filming of “Alma”?

We told each other many stories and some I found hard to believe (laughs).


Would you say that people believe in these things?

I don’t know.


Do series like “Alma” help to believe?

They help people who believe, believe stronger. The series seems terrifying at first but ends up having a very comforting and precious message.


Why do people seek solace in the afterlife?

I don’t know. I don’t think you have to seek comfort in the afterlife. I find it beautiful and poetic to think of those who are no longer here.


What horror story would you like to star in?

A psychological horror story, perhaps a story about possessions even if they are all quite based on stereotypes.


Are you a fan of recent horror movies?

I’ve seen recent horror movies and I didn’t like them (laughs) but, for example, “Venus” by Jaume Balagueró held my attention throughout the footage.


Do you consider yourself a fan?

Yes, “Scream” scared the hell out of me. More than a monster, the stalking human factor scares me. The feeling of being watched or followed is horrible.


Did you always know who the villain was in the different “Scream” movies?

In the first one, I think I found out but right now I don’t remember who the murderers were either. I’m clueless sometimes about this kind of “whodunit” movie because the better the storytelling the more it costs me to find the killer’s identity.


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You have also participated in several shows that are pure intrigue, such as “Desaparecidos”….

Yes, and I’m very cool playing the villain, and in “Desaparecidos” I had that opportunity.


Isn’t it scary that a villain character will end up infecting you with his traits?

That happened to me with my “Alma” character who infected me with the constant distrust that dominated him. I’m gaining experience in how to deal with those shady characters.


“Alma” has a very surprising final episode. Tell me about an ending that surprised you?

There are so many! I recently saw “Mantícora” by Carlos Vermut and I was very surprised by his ending.


I liked that movie a lot.

I must tell you that is very difficult for me to know such concrete information about myself. The same thing happens to me when someone asks me about my favorite song.


You must have a favorite song!

I think it’s “Moi, Lolita” by Alizée, it’s a song that doesn’t get affected by the passing of time. I never get tired of it.


C’mon, now we are talking! Think about a movie!

I have had many favorite movies but I think “Kill Bill” is my favorite of all, and I include the first and second parts.


Would you make a movie like “Kill Bill”?

No wonder. That moment when Uma Thurman beheads Lucy Liu it’s amazing


Is Tarantino your favorite director?

James Cameron also freaks me out. I really like Itziar Bollaín. The movie “El Olivo” was very tender to me. The relationship between the main character and her grandfather is precious. I would like to work with Bollaín. I am someone very practical because I let myself be guided by what is happening in life instead of letting hope dominate my life. If I get a job with Itziar Bollan in the future, I’m going to give everything I have in the casting but I don’t want to think about what I can or can’t choose because that maybe could be a distraction from what I’m living in the present.


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But, projecting is sometimes very good.

To me, it seems very important to have goals and unconsciously mark the steps to get where you want


What exactly attracts you to a role to want to accept it?

They say I’m cold and that fits very well with the dramatic genre. Sometimes I take myself too seriously and I think that is transmitted when it comes to linking myself to that type of genre.


As you say, you are almost always linked to dramatic roles and with characters sharing very complicated relationships… do you see yourself reflected in that tendency to complicate your existence?

I try to be a clear person and that is why it is difficult for me to have the feeling of committing to someone due to my past experiences. I try to always be practical, not bitter. I don’t have a tendency to complicate my life but I am attracted to emotionally unavailable people (laughs). Now that I am aware of that, I try to control the situation. I am a fan of a calm and relaxed life.


So, why do you think you have dedicated yourself to being an actor?

I would like to bring entertainment to people. I remember that when I was younger and had a shit day, I consoled myself by knowing that at night they were going to show a movie or a series that I liked. I would love to be able to bring that feeling to others with one of my projects. I like when people enjoy what I do.


If someone who wants to start a career as an actor reads this interview, what advice do you think they should receive?

You must be patient and be sure that this is what you really like and that even if doors are not getting opened, it is always possible to find something to enjoy.


Are you open to the future?

Yes, I’m trying to go to castings for what I consider interesting. I try to listen to my inner voice, although I also question it many times (laughs)


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