Somewhere, we dance forever.
Somewhere, there’s a never ending juke box.
Somewhere, there’s a dance floor for us only.
I swear, I’ve heard it. I’ve heard the bass under my skin.

Kai-Isaiah Jamal

Today is World Poetry Day, and to celebrate Browns collaborated with poet Kai-Isaiah Jamal for his latest project ‘Somewhere, We Dance Forever’.  During a time of uncertainty, Kai’s work celebrates our own humanity and challenges conventions of identity through poetry.

The film, commissioned and directed by London based long-time Browns contributor Emily McDonald, is a series of two poems ’S is for skin (2019)’ and ‘G is for grip (2019)’. Written by Jamal the piece explores the personal experience of finding freedom, empowerment, and vulnerability in the genderless movement of dance as well as examining the nature between movement of the body in private spaces and within the release of comfort.

Inherently black, inherently queer with huge focus on the visibility of trans bodies outside of the framework of violence and pain Jamal says ‘it takes so long to come home to your body for some of us. The moments of euphoric, uncensored and joyous liberation are parts of our narrative that are rarely displayed. The emancipation of forgetting or intentionally resisting anatomical conventions and oppressive conditions aid us in finding ways to celebrate our bodies, in our moments of glory.’

In regards to the collaboration and current climate, Browns explained “We continue to reflect on the current climate we endeavor to support and stand beside our designers, creatives and contributors who make our platform our community. This is at the heart of the Browns ethos and has been for 50 years, and we aim to continue to spotlight these individuals as well as offer our audience connectivity, inspiration, and entertainment. When commissioning the piece, celebrating community and representation was a huge part of McDonald’s vision; the crew and all who took part are some of London’s best and most talented creatives.”

Happy World Poetry Day Everyone!

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