ITS#10 (International Talent Support), the platform created and organised by EVE in cooperation with DIESEL, YKK, SWAROVSKI and DIS- ARONNO and devoted to the research and support of young creatives worldwide, has announced the winners of this year’s competition after trawling through over 1,200 portfolios from 270 universities including Central Saint Martins, Royal College of Art & London College of Fashion.

Here are the ITS#TEN winners…

ITS#FASHION-The winners:


Fashion Collection of the Year (€15.000) offered by EVE

Shaun Samson



Diesel Award (€25.000 + an internship within the Diesel Creative Team at its HQ in Italy)

Niran Avisar



Fashion Special Prize (€5.000) offered by EVE

Kristian Guerra



Skunkfunk Sustainability Award

Ruth Green



Maison Martin Margiela Award ( € 5.000)

Fah Chakshuvej



Modateca Award ( € 3.000)

Kevin Kramp



D-La Repubblica Award (granted visibility on D-La Repubblica magazine)

Kristian Guerra






Accessories Collection of the Year (€5.000) offered by EVE + return to ITS#11

Oliver Ruuger



YKK Award (€10.000 + promotional image) offered by YKK

Laura Amstein



MODAMONT Award (€3,000 + feature in September 2011 edition catalogue and website) offered by Mod’Amont

Anna Schwamborn



ITS#JEWELRY-The winners:


SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Jewelry Award (€10,000 + a 6 month internship)

Sarah Vedel HurtigkarlRaluca Grada



TS#PHOTO-The winners:


DISARONNO Photo Award (€5.000 + photo exhibition during Disaronno events)

Nika Kupyrova



SVA PhotoGlobal Award (scholarship to the one year intensive PhotoGlobal photography course at School of Visual Arts in New York City)

Gerardo Vizmanos