Korean hype streetwear brand ISTKÜNST just dropped their latest capsule collection Nice Ghost Club. This collab features new illustrated artwork. “Niceghostclub is a club where nice ghosts hang out” ISTKÜNST states. Remember, we are talking about nice ghosts! NICE like kind, GHOST like ghost.

The collection throws us back to the early 90s cyberdelic reminiscent of pre-millennium madness, digital arts, and video games that made up the cyberculture where I’m sure the ghosts are much nicer and cooler than the online robots of today. The Nice Ghost Club began with the kitschy imagination of ISTKÜNST’s signature symbol conjuring up imagery of a smiling face, drawing symbols on various subjects to breathe life with this wit and cute logo plays, special colors, and makeup everyday items found in this new collection. Additionally, various accessories such as character key ring, AirPod case, pin badges, knit beanies, and more are added to the release for fun.

ISTKÜNST made up with Hwan-hee Yoon, Chang-woo Kim, Yi-seop Park, Da-
som Kim, Sin-young Park, Seo J and Da-un Kim
Photographs by Jin-yong Kim
Hair&Make-up by Yeon-ji Tak
Models: Yo-el, Go-eun, and Akari