The Japanese fashion house ISSEY MIYAKE is set to open its new flagship store in Paris in February 2024. The store will be located at 28 rue François 1er, in the prestigious Triangle d’or area of the 8th arrondissement, where many luxury brands have their presence.

The new store will occupy a historic building that was formerly the home of the Europe 1 radio studio. This will be the first time that the building will be used as a retail space. The building has been completely renovated and redesigned, keeping only its original Parisian facade. The interior space, which covers about 360 square meters over two floors, has been optimized to maximize the natural light that enters from the front and back windows.

The store’s design is the work of Tokujin Yoshioka, a renowned Japanese artist and designer who has collaborated with ISSEY MIYAKE for many years. Yoshioka has created a futuristic and elegant space, using orange aluminum walls that reflect the sunlight and create a dynamic atmosphere. The orange color, which symbolizes the sun, also represents the fusion of the 19th-century French architecture and the innovative spirit of ISSEY MIYAKE.