Val Kristopher is a talented young designer from Manchester. His work is focused on the artisanal rework of basic garments like hoodies, fannels and denim pants. Everything in his hands become a unique piece of fashion infused with an artistic an poetic soul. The designer individual perception of style is heavily influenced by grunge and post-soviet streetwear. The result is a super-contemporary look with a touch of handcraftmenship, that gives a strong personality to every piece.


Which was the exact moment you realized you wanted to do fashion?

In high school, I was around I think 14 years old. I was heavily influenced by the western culture growing up. I loved hip hop and basketball. As a kid I wanted to be an NBA player. I was always the best in my school, so around 13 I decided to join national league in north west of England. Once there I noticed I wasn’t really a team player. I was more always trying to showy off. So basically I played shit when I was in national league, so I decided to leave.

I was really influenced by the American hip hop culture. I always used to wear stuff that was completely different from others in my school. This got me a lot of compliments from people around me. But, since I was just a 14 years old kid, I was broke! So started customising my old clothes and turn it into something new. Everyone knew me for that student who makes his own clothes, even though I only did customisations.

Ever since I left basketball, I realised I had passion in art and making, so in my mind I was like “I want to be a fashion designer”. Ever since then I perused my goal. I never wanted any other occupation but be a fashion designer, not even any jobs in fashion itself, I was fixed on being a fashion designer.


Describe your idea of fashion in 5 words. 

Broad, progression, experimentation, adaptable, influences.



What is the most important aspect when you design a collection?

I have never really designed a full collection yet, but I would say the most important aspect of designing a collection is to always feel inspired everyday. My main inspiration is what is around me, and being aware of what I see helps me to be more creative.


I see there is a lot of art references in your collection do you think there is still place for art related fashion nowadays?

There’s always a place for anything in fashion. Fashion is art. If a designer is designing something, it could just be a normal jumper, its still art. Anything that involves craft and design is art.



Who is influencing you the most at the moment?

People always ask me this, but to be honest, I don’t have a main influence in fashion. I get influenced by anything and anyone I see; it could be in real life or on what I see on the screen. Like one time I saw this homeless person with like a piece plastic wrapped around his jeans and I was just like: “Yes! That’s really cool!” so yes, I don’t really have a main influence.


Who are your favourite designers at the moment?

Gosha Rubchinskiy, Demna Gvasalia and JUUN.J. I like them because of there weird ideas.


What’s the biggest problem a young designer must face to star his career?

Overcoming failure. This goes to the business side and also the art side of fashion. When making clothes, you will have to face a lot of trial and error, till you get what you want and a lot of people out there just either give up or stick to something they are not proud of. On the business side not all businesses succeed straight away. There will be a lot of failures along the way and the most successful fashion businesses out there are the people who overcame this obstacle.


What is the main ingredient for success as a fashion designer today?

Knowledge: Knowing what you want, knowing how to do it, and executing it. I still think I have a long way to go.


What are your plans for the immediate future and what do you wish for yourself?

My plans are yet still to be figured out. At the moment I am very young and I am mainly trying to gain as much knowledge so I can apply them into what I am doing.


Tell me something about your daily working routine?

Wake up in the morning, read a little on “how to” books. Go to university, come back home do my own work sampling/ making and, just before bedtime, I would play NBA 2k16(this is vital). After I beat my friend’s ass I would read a book about people I look up too and go to sleep.