Maison Kitsuné is expanding its shoe game with two new sneakers: the Sora Runners and Chiru Trainers. These sneakers are a fresh step for the brand, mixing their quirky style with practicality. The Sora Runners are light as air, hinting at the brand’s Japanese roots and designed for everyday life. They come in black, white, and neutral colors that match their clothing line, making them versatile for any outfit.

The Chiru Trainers give off a cool, retro vibe from the ’70s. They’re made of suede and leather and come in colors that stand out or blend in, depending on your style. Both sneakers have the Maison Kitsuné fox logo and are a nod to the brand’s connection to music.

To launch these sneakers, Maison Kitsuné teamed up with Places + Faces, a group known for its music and cultural influence. They’ve created a campaign with photos and videos that show off the sneakers in a relatable, nostalgic way. It’s a mix of old and new, just like the sneakers themselves.

Check it out below: