In the heart of Paris, a dynamic duo of artists emerges: Meet Hedi and Thami Nabil.

Thami’s work celebrates the human figure’s grace, while Hedi’s innovative spirit ventures into new experimental territories. Their combined expertise fuses European elegance with the captivating charm of Japanese artistry. Their contributions have graced prestigious names like Nike, Jean Paul Gaultier, Trax Magazine, and Vice, earning them acclaim in the art world.

The latest capsule collection in collaboration with EDWIN is a visual feast, marked by its vibrant hues, bold contrasts, and elaborate designs, exuding a psychedelic vibe that alters reality with its mysterious charm. The artwork features characters that seem to pulsate with life, enhancing a range of apparel such as an expansive hood, trim pants, illustrated tees, and assorted embroidered accessories.

Check out the capsule collection below:

Now available at EDWIN stores, select retailers, and online.