Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy2 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy3 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy4 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy5 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy6 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy7 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy8 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy9 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy10 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy11 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy12 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy14 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy13 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy16 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy15 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy17 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy18 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy19 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy20 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy21 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy22 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy23 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy24 Introducing-Renee-Bedell-_fy25 Renée Bedell is a recent menswear fashion graduate from Kingston University with strong passion for tailoring. Her work aims to celebrate the beauty of it being a craft and the painstaking journey one must endure to master it. Bedell enjoys drawing and seeing her designs materialize into beautiful physical garments. Although her education is in fashion she considers herself more as a product designer. ‘Each garment I design I consider as a separate project within itself and needs to work and function as a standalone product as well as part of a collection’.   You can shop her collection HERE!

Photo: Elena Urbelyte
Model: La’mel Clarke
Hair & Make-up: Stacie Smith
Fashion Assistants: Johnson Deng & Charlotte Bond